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The wood element is all about planning, structure, action, and vision. It thrives on having a strong identity and self-esteem; the ability to stand up on it's own. It is associated with the color green and the season of spring, the time of pushing upward (like the bulbs "shoot" up). The smell is rancid and the sound is shouting.


Physical: Is connected to the liver and gallbladder. Wood energy ensures the smooth flow of qi (energy), opens to the eyes, stores blood, controls sinews (movement) and creates emotional flexibility. Physical ailments when out of balance may include: hypochondriac pain, tight tendons/sinews, eye issues, cirrhosis, gallstones, migraines, and a bitter taste in the mouth.


Mental: Planning and setting goals- can foresee potential problems. Wood is tenacious and can handle huge projects. Provides a vision and plan to carry through. Very strategic. When out of balance can manifest as a mental battle and/or pacing.


Emotional: Smooth and rhythmic movement of life. Upholds positive identity and self esteem. Integrates personality and sets healthy boundaries. Has a lot of integrity. Out of balance, can be angry, combative, rigid and tend to shout.


Spiritual: Sees a future for the souls development and has a higher vision for one's life. May feel stuck or depressed when out of balance.


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