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Water is connected to the season of winter; the time for hibernation, restoring and preparing for a new cycle. It has a quality of depth and intuition, and has very strong and deep energy. It is the keeper of the essence and holds the potential of all of life. It excels through ability and cleverness with strength and skill to overcome all difficulties. Houses willpower and ambition. The color associated with water is blue or black, the sound is groaning, and the smell is putrid.


Physical:  Connected to the urinary bladder and kidney. Governs birth, growth and reproduction cycle and development. Opens to the ears, controls bone, manifests in the hair. Physical ailments can maifest as urination issues (UTI, incontinence, stones, etc.), low back, groin and knee pain, alopecia, hearing issues, teeth and bone problems, and fatigue (adrenal).


Mental:  Good at generating resources, especially money. Very clever and witty, philosophical and intuitive. If out of balance, can manifest as poor spending habits and lacking savings (resources).


Emotional:  Easily able to go with the flow, accesses personal power, able to feel something to the “core”.  Houses the willpower and can be very ambitious, with bravado. Deep fear, carelessness, or being overly cautious can manifest when out of balance.


Spiritual:  Deep-seated faith, trusts in the unfolding of life-surrender. Understands and believes that all needs are met-one is provided for and taken care of. Impatience and distrust in the good of life can manifest when out of balance.


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