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Metal is associated with focus, clarity, spiritual connection, inspiration, what has value, and letting go. Creates values around self worth. The season connected to metal is fall and the color is white. The smell is rotten and the taste is pungent. 


Physical: Is connected to the lung and large intestine. Governs respiration. Disperses defensive qi and fluids. Opens into nose, and manifests in the skin. Physical ailments include chest pain, sinus issues, asthma, skin issues, upper respiratory infections, constipation, and ulcerative colitis.


Mental: Clarifying beliefs, setting appropriate standards for our self, refining our self with our ideals and standards. Clarity in the bigger picture. Very good at seeing the details. Out of balance can include being too anal, OCD, over analytical and self righteous.


Emotional: Good sense of self worth, ability to let go and determine what has value in your life and what does not. Evaluate your own standards for living. Out of balance can create sadness, self worth issues, grief,loss, authority issues and difficulty separating our values with others. 


Spiritual: Ability to connect to spirit, experience inspiration and feel connected. Out of balance can cause clarity/confusion in belief systems.


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