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Can anyone be hypnotized?

It is a common misconception that only weak-willed, “suggestible” people can be hypnotized. Just about anyone can be hypnotized, if they want to be. This is an important factor because hypnosis requires full participation and consent. Experiencing trance(deep hypnosis) requires trust, relaxation, concentration, and the ability to follow instructions.

Am I giving over my control? Can a hypnotherapist make me do something I don’t want to do?

The fact is that hypnosis requires consent. You can never be coerced to do anything you would not inherently do. 

You can be assured that if a hypnotherapist ever suggested that you do something that you felt uncomfortable with, you would either simply ignore the suggestion or you would come right out of trance. While in a trance, you will never do anything that is against your morals. Nor will you reveal your deep dark secrets. 

Can I get stuck in a hypnotic/trance state?

No! If you were in trance and the hypnotherapist walked away and never came back, you would come out of hypnosis on your own. If a fire alarm went off, you would pop right up and evacuate without a moment lost. While in the trance state, it might feel like your conscious mind has taken off on a holiday, but it’s really close by. You would notice if your hypnotherapist walked away or if there were some sort of emergency.

What happens in a session?

We will spend part of the first session addressing any questions you still may have about hypnosis. We want your mind to be at ease so that you can effectively focus on your goals. Next we will discuss what you want to achieve through hypnosis, the history of your problem and what you feel has prevented you from making the change you desire, or from finding the answers you seek. This will help me determine the best techniques to use. It will also help me personalize the suggestions I will give while you are in trance.

Once all of your questions have been answered and your issue and goals have been discussed, I will help you enter the trance state, where the work begins.

How can I prepare for my first session?

  • Wear comfortable clothes (if possible) and don't come very hungry (especially if we are incorporating acupuncture).

  • Don’t be shy about asking questions or expressing anxiety. We want to clear up any misconceptions.

  • Have confidence that hypnotherapy will work for you! If you come in with doubts, or you come in only hoping that it will work, your reservations will most certainly stand in the way of your success. Remember, reservations activate the conscious mind, which will make it hard for you to go into an effective trance state.

  • If you can, print and fill out the Client History Form to bring to your session.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions will vary depending on the number of issues you would like to work on, your desired outcomes, determination, and readiness for change. While many clients experience positive results after only one session, and some fully achieve their goals, I find that most benefit from three to six sessions per issue. Studies show that it takes 21-28 days for your brain to create a new groove, or neural network for change to take place. If you are working on breaking a mental habit or thought pattern, expect to have weekly treatments for at least a month. We will evaluate progress to see if more treatments will be needed to obtain your goal.Some clients choose to do long-term hypnotherapy as an alternative to coaching or other traditional personal growth work as well.

What is the cost?

$100 for an intial visit (90 minutes) and $75 for subsequent visits (60 minutes). Package deals are also available.

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