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Fire is the element of summer. It encompasses joy, relationships, excitement, anticipation, vitality, warmth, fun, and sharing. Its color is red, the sound is laughing and the smell is scorched.


Physical:  Fire is associated with the heart, pericardium, small intestine and the san jiao (thermostat of the body). Pumps life into all parts of the body- governs blood and vessels. Manifests in complexion and opens to the tongue. Small intestine separates the pure from the impure. Physical ailments when out of balance include: tongue ulcers, canker sores, small intestine issues, insomnia, palpitations, elbow, wrist or shoulder pain, and rashes. 


Mental:  Communication, ability to see from your heart, networking and connecting socially, and having focus. When out of balance, can manifest as scattered thinking, confusion, feeling spacey, unable to communicate or connect with others, especially in relationships, and racing mind/thoughts.


Emotional:  Love and compassion are experienced. Having a healthy love for ones self and others, and the ability to experience joy, fun and pleasure. Creates harmony and balance. Out of balance can manifest as lack of joy, anxiety, creating chaos (in relationships), fear of commitment and the inability to be intimate.


Spiritual:  Feeling the love of spirit in our heart. A sense of a grand design- sees the good in nature. Finds true connection and sharing with others. Connects to another through joy and harmonizes as a spiritual unit. Out of balance, the heart will be shut down (broken hearted), and feelings of isolation will ensue.


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