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The earth element encompasses holding, embracing, nourishing, digesting, harvesting, transforming, and healing. It is connected to nurturing ones self and others. It stabilizes, sustains, holds and assimilates and assesses needs. The color associated with earth is yellow, the season is late summer and the sound is singing.


Physical: Earth is connected to the spleen and the stomach. They are in charge of the digestion of food and drink, of assimilating and nourishing the body as needed. It  controls muscles and blood. Physical ailments when out of balance include: digestive issues (gas, bloating, distention), crohn's disease, ulcers, acid reflux, and leaky gut syndrome.


Mental: Task oriented, produces products from intellectual resources. Assimilate information easily,task oriented- provides service to self and others-assesses needs. When out of balance, can cause excess worry and rummination, and inability to create routines.


Emotional: Ability to nourish one's own needs and others. Being at home with yourself. Out of balance can cause enmeshment, excessive worry and pensiveness.


Spiritual: Empathy, compassion, holding a space for others, service to humanity. Nurturing our own and others spiritual needs.


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